Nurse Call Systems

Our Nurse call systems are an ideal solution to companies requiring cost effective solutions to an alert system for their Nursing, Residential homes.

Our systems can offer press to call panels, wander leads, pull cords etc, these devices when activated can then transmit the call for assistance back to a display panel, this will identify the location of the call, allowing a swift response from the staff.

Security and peace of mind for care homes and hospitals.

Safety and security are the most important requirements of every modern nursing home or hospital. Patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Popular nurse call systems:

The Intercall 600 system is currently the best-selling non-speech nursecall system in the UK, and the only one to be recommended by the National Care Association.

Its success is in its simplicity: The Intercall 600 system is easy to install with a simple two-wire system and can be fitted to existing wiring. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and patients alike. What’s more, with five call levels, programmable text, call logging and the ability to incorporate up to 215 call points, the Intercall 600 system is one of the most comprehensive systems on the market.

Complete control: The Liquid Crystal Display units give clear textual indication of call priority, location and the identity of the caller, together with audible indication of the call type – giving the care manager total control over every situation that arises in the home or hospital.

Assistance Call System:

The Assistance Call System (ACS) is ideal for use in all types of private, commercial, residential and public sector buildings, allowing the general public, a member of staff or a patient to call for assistance. The system confirms a call has been generated and ensures the caller is visited. It is hard wired for total reliability, only requiring two common wire connections to operate the addressable network, allowing the system to utilise any existing wiring.

CMS lite call management software

If you need to record and store all Intercall system activity on your personal computer, the CMS Lite Call Management software is the ideal solution. It gives you immediate access to the call history of a resident, so you can maintain more accurate and timely control of your entire care home. Staff pagers can also be controlled from your computer, allowing free text messages to be sent to individual pagers.

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nursecall display(1)


wall dispaly panel


np2 pear lead

NP2 and NP4 pear leads

If a resident needs access to your call system when they are away from their call point, these attractively styled pear leads are the perfect solution. They are available in 2-metre and 4-metre lengths and the right-angled jack plug reduces the chance of damage by furniture movement. Each unit is supplied complete with a clip fastener, so the unit can be attached to clothing or bed sheets if necessary. In the event that a lead is pulled out of its socket, a standard alarm call is generated.

ps1 plug in pull cord

PS1 plug in pull cord

For applications where a pull cord would be more convenient than a pear lead, the PS1 Plug in Pull Cord enables a call to be generated by the use of a pull string action. This simply plugs into the jack socket of any Intercall Call Point and is supplied with a 30cm cord, and an easy to see orange pull. With the unit installed, a call can be generated by either the call button or the plug-in pull cord.

press matt

PM1 pressure mat

The PM1 is a standard pressure mat which activates a standard call when pressure is applied to the mat. It should only be placed under a mat or carpet as it is not designed to be walked on directly. It is supplied complete with a four-metre lead and a right angled jack plug. The surface area of the mat measures 300 x 600 mm.

S2 water resistant air switch

The S2 Air Switch is ideal for environments such as bathrooms and showers where water could make contact with the system. It is totally sealed and waterproof and, since it uses air to trigger a call,  it is completely safe to use. The S2 Air Switch is fitted with a clip fastener so it can be attached easily to a shower curtain or towel, and the unit will generate a standard call should it be removed from the jack socket.

tr 4 trig

TIR4 infra red trigger

Designed to be worn by residents or staff and enables calls to be generated remotely from the call point. This is ideal in lounges or common rooms where each resident can be given a trigger to allow access to the call system. The TIR4 requires an infra red enabled call point to operate (such as an L722 or an L752). When using the TIR4 with an integral 700 system, it is possible to identify the call location and the individual caller.

cs1 pull cord

CS1 ceiling pull switch

Specifically developed to give alarms from bathrooms and toilets. The unit is ceiling mounted and features a floor length cord terminated with two easy to use G loops. It also incorporates twin integral reassurance indicators, which flash to confirm a call has been generated.

PIR1 passive infra red bed monitor

If you need to monitor a resident’s bed and alert staff when he or she is on the move, the PIR1 bed monitor will detect movement and alert the staff. However, the bed itself is ‘masked’ out of the range of the detector so that it only monitors movement outside the bed area. Any movement within the receiver’s range will activate a call, and trigger the call point.

pager pict

RAP alphanumeric pagers

For applications where you need to connect alphanumeric pagers to the system, the L747 Universal Interface offers simple, convenient connections. The pagers display all calls made on the system as they would appear on the display unit, showing the exact location of each call in full alphanumeric text. With the CMS Lite PC Software, you can configure your system to allow individual pagers to respond to specific calls, making it possible to either zone the building by area, or by call type. There is also a day/night mode available so that pagers can be programmed to respond to different calls at set times during the day or night.

Intercall Touch Features

intercall features

Intercall Touch

Multiple speech paths allow more than one conversation to take place at the same time across the system, improving staff communication and speeding up response times.

Intercall Touch

Both the Call Point Standard and Call Point Plus house an integral LCD display which allows staff to receive calls from a call point at any other location around the building. This display is only active when a staff member is present in the room, meaning residents are not disturbed unnecessarily.

Intercall Touch

RFID readers are housed in all call points and are paired with unique staff RFID cards. This provides a true audit trail of which staff attended to which call and when. Staff members must reset call points using their own personalised RFID card and this is where the true audit trail is formed.

Intercall Touch

The RFID door monitor point can be integrated into the access control system and take the place of the existing keypad/proximity readers. This allows staff members to carry one common RFID card for nurse call and access control.

Intercall Touch

The potential to integrate the RFID card into other systems such as payroll or time and attendance is also available to further consolodate the number of systems required around the building.

Intercall Touch

Every Touch Display has key customisable buttons that allow managers and supervisors to identify their busiest and least busiest staff member, most frequently calling resident and average response times. This provides a brief yet highly accurate overview of the current shift performance.

Intercall Touch

Each Ceiling Pull Cord is fitted with a wipe clean cord making it easier for staff to combat infections and improve hygiene levels.


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