Traffic Control

Integra Systems can install a variety of entrance solutions, the options range from a cost effective manual barrier through to a fully automatic electric or hydraulic barrier.

Our range of barriers are microprocessor controlled and are designed for high cycle use. Should a barrier not provide the security you require, we can design and install a traditional hinged gate with either rams or underground drive units.

An alternative to the traditional gates is a cantilever gate which slides open as opposed to the traditional gates which require a 90 degree space to open.

Control of the entrance solution can be provided from many variables, like Intercoms, Wireless remote, Access Control or Direct control from a push button panel.

Building control can be provided by Turnstiles, Half height gates, Fast lane
barriers and offers the ultimate in the control of access into buildings.

Rising Road Kerbs

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • Manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section & durbar top plate.
  • Operating supply 230V single phase.
  • Can be controlled using almost any type of access control.
  • Emergency lower incorporated as standard.
    Operating times of 4 to 6 seconds dependant on version.
  • Available in up to 5 metres in width and 800mm in height.
  • Galvanised and painted in black/yellow (high visibility).

Sliding Gates

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Gate employs a revolutionary – Patent Applied For – GB0713973.6 – External Friction Drive Mechanism ensuring a smooth, consistent, and quiet gate movement. As well as being the main drive, the External Friction Drive Mechanism also acts as the primary support roller of the gate ensuring a consistent contact between the drive roller and the underside of the lower beam. This is assisted by the dual stabilising support wheels located on either side of the drive roller.

A Manual Release Mechanism, concealed within the lockable housing unit, is included as standard, allowing manual control of the gate in the event of a power failure.

An additional fully adjustable support unit is positioned in the runback area at a distance of approximately 40% of the length of the main lower beam to aid in the support of the gate when it is fully closed. Towards the back of the gate’s opening area a floor mounted support roller handles the weight of the gate in the fully open position.

Proximity sensors are used to indicate the start and end of the travel cycle.

Dual-height photo cells are fitted as standard, for safety to pedestrians and vehicles, on all Heavy-Duty Automatic Sliding Gates. A Programmable Logic Controller, operated via an inverter, allows the user to adjust the speed to their individual requirements.


Rising Road Kerbs

Sliding Gate

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