CCTV security cameras are effective in crime prevention, protection and detection. The correct use of CCTV can provide businesses and property owners with the ultimate security deterrent that is both visible and effective in fighting crime and providing reassurance.

Choosing the right CCTV Security system – Due to the increasing number of products on the market it can be quite intimidating to know which of the many CCTV products to choose from. Whether you want to design and install a single access point or complex CCTV digital recording system with multiple users, Our engineers at Integra can help you decipher your requirements to enable you to achieve a system that is tailored to your businesses particular needs.

So with all complexities of designing and implementing a security based camera system we are here to help point you in the right direction.

CCTV Number Plate Recognition:

Automatic recognition of vehicle number plates has long been attempted, but the technical and environmental problems were previously too difficult to overcome. The problems have now been solved, and ANPR systems now are extremely effective in providing secure transport surveillance umbrellas:

  • Records images of number plates on vehicles, even those moving at up to 100 mph, day and night
  • Effective cover of all lanes of a highway, including motorways
  • Can check a number against a database if required
    Units will creating an operator alarm for suspect vehicles
  • Integration with barrier systems simple to achieve to provide vehicle access control

CCTV Remote Monitoring:

The concept of remote monitoring is simple. Initially, a system of cameras and alarms is installed on any site to British Standards (BS 8418) . This system is linked to a transmission system and connects to a CCTV Monitoring Station via a telephone line (either PSTN/ISDN/GSM connection) or via the Internet through a Broadband connection (or other secure connection from the company’s network).

When the sensors or cameras are activated an alarm signal is sent directly to the RVRC (Remote Video Response Centre). and a picture image is transmitted to a workstation. Workstations are manned by highly trained operators who assess the situation and provide the appropriate response immediately.

IP Network Camera Solutions:

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the most computer communication protocol today. It is the base protocol used for Internet communication such as e-mail, web and multimedia. One of the reasons for its popularity is its scalability. In other words, it works as well in very small installations as it does in very large ones and is supported by an increasingly wide range of high performance, low-cost and industry-proven equipment and technologies.

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HD IP MP Camera Solutions:


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