Janus Card Production

Fully Integrated Card Production System

The JANUS Card Production System (CPS) offers a fully integrated ID imaging and card production application with powerful imaging features, a user-friendly design editor,support for multiple graphical formats and picture cropping with user defined aspect ratio capability.

Photographs, signatures and logos can be sourced using live video, digital cameras, scanners, signature tablets as well as importing existing files created by other systems.

Any number of card formats and designs can be createdmaking use of default and user definable fields within the JANUS user and card record tables.

Card formats (card size and orientation) and designs can be created and modified by the system manager and stored with unlimited designs per card format.

The ID pictures stored and used by the card production system are utilised throughout the JANUS system for consistency in verification and ID.

Special features such as mag stripe encoding, smart card encoding and holographic overlays may all be included as long as these features are supported by the printer.


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