Janus Overview

Core Software


The JANUS core software is licensed to varying numbers of Intelligent Door Controllers e.g. the base system will manage up to 04 IDCs with incremental options up to 1,000 and more.


Multiple PC Stations


Multiple Networked PCs can be used with JANUS for alarm monitoring, database management and card production etc. Client PCs are licensed individually and measured by concurrent connections. The core JANUS software includes 2 x Client PC Licenses


Intelligent Door Controller


There are two types of door controller, 'IDC-485-6/4' and 'IDC-E-6/4'. Each controller has the same functionality but differs in the way that it connects to the main JANUS PC/server.

The IDC-485-6/4 requires a multi-drop 2 or 4-wire comms and the IDC-E-6/4 connects directly to a TCP/IP network (ethernet). Both types of controller can be used on the same system.

eSeries Controllers

  When using an IDC-E-6/4 or IPC-E-16./16 they connect directly to a TCP/IP network (ethernet) and require a unique IP address on the system.
  Every IDC supports 2 readers on one door (IN & OUT) or 2 readers on two doors (IN with egress button OUT).

They also support :-

  • Additional 6 alarm inputs & 4 relay outputs
  • 12,000 card users at the controller (expandable to 65,000 for RS485 controllers and 110,000 for eSeries controllers)
  • Processing at the door
  • 230/12V dc (110V/12V dc), 2A psu with battery
    back-up (includes power for 2 x 12V dc locks)
  • Local LED and sounder outputs
  • Memory buffer whilst off-line
  • Upgrade flash whilst system is working
  • Any reader technology:
  • Swipe
  • Proximity
  • Biometric
  • Smartcard
  • Pin
The IDC offers 2-door functionality plus 6 x supervised alarm inputs and 4 x change-over relay outputs
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